Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machine (MA)


Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machine (MA)

Model                               LB-MA

Carton Size                      L (150-∞) ×W (120-500) ×H (120-500) mm

Tape Size                         48-60mm (Kraft paper or BOPP)

Dimensions                      1450mm x 915mm x 1650mm (L x B x H)

Min Pack Size                  145 mm x 120mm (B x H)

Mix Pack Size                  500 mm x 488mm (B x H)

Tape                                 BOPP/PVC Self adhesive

Conveyor Height             660mm to 750mm

Tape Width                      48mm to 62 mm

Power Supply                   220V 50Hz 400W

Sealing Speed                  22 meters/min

Conveyor Speed               19 m/min

Worktable height             750mm

Weight                             90kg, 80 kg

Optional                           ①Extension roller table

Machine Size                   L (850) ×W (880) ×H (1200) mm

(The height depends on the carton size)


  • Used for a wide range of carton dimensions
  • Easy to change carton sizes.
  • Roller conveyors at input & output side.
  • Adjustable conveyor height
  • Special belt convectors giving firm grip.
  • Carton Holding rollers

Mounted on castor wheels.