Pneumatic Strapping Machine (LB-11)



Widely used for paper, aluminum, steel, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal products industries.

Pneumatic Strapping Machine (LB-11)

Brand                              LUNWA

Model                              LB-11

Width                              13-19mm

Thickness                       0.5-1.5mm

Strap Material                PP/PET Strap

Sealing Mode                 Friction Welding

Tension Speed               4.2m/min

Air Pressure                   0.5-0.8Mpa

Tension Force                3000N

Size                                  280*160*180mm

Weight                            5kg


* IWISS pneumatic tool to strap flat packages-high reliability eliminates downtime;

* Pneumatic operation offers considerable time savings;

* Air-motor for tensioning allows high and constant strap tension;

* The seal less joint reduces the overall strapping costs by approx. 10% through the elimination of the seals;

* With the innovative profile of the seal less punch and die the tool produces the unique Micro Lock seal less joint preventing the seal from getting loose in case of shrinkage of the package.

* Easy to use, lightweight machine, pneumatic power design;

* No fasteners, using friction heat welding, the interface appearance and reliability;

* The high degree of automation, tight, controlled fusion crust strong;

* Large tightening force, the special structure design, easy steel, aluminum, heavy-duty packaging tighten and packaging;

* Machine durability, all of the body and components are made of high strength alloy materials, high-reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology;

* Patented design, the use of safe, non-fatigue design.