Automatic Carton Sealing Machine MAX



This Machine is used to seal cartons with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape like PVC and BOPP. It is used for the carton in regular shape. Carton sealer can be customized according to customer requirements so as to meet different customer needs. The machine has been widely used in the Textile, Garments, Leather garments, Sportswear, surgical, food industry, chemical fiber, tobacco redrying, pharmaceutical, publish, air conditioning, household appliance, ceramics, hot work, and so on.

Machine features

  • Mini carton sealer for limited space
  • Economy model for an efficient solution
  • Manual adjustment for different cartons’ Width and Height
  • Side belts drive
  • Automatically convey and seal carton top and bottom at the same time
  • Automatic stopping function
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Easy maintenance


Basic Information

Power Supply                                 1P 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 240W

Table height                                   600mm   ̴700mm(foot cup), 730mm   ̴750mm(truckles)

Convey Speed                                22m/min

Carton dimensions                        L (150  ̴ ∞) x W (120  ̴490) x H (120  ̴480) mm

Adhesive tape spec                       48  ̴60mm

Adhesive tape material                Kraft paper or BOPP

Electric components                     DC motor, PC board control

Working noise                                ≤75DB (A)

Surroundings                                  humidity≤98%, temperature 0  ̴40 oC

Machine dimensions                    L 875mm x W 900mm x H (table height+700mm)

Packing dimensions                      L 900mm x W 950mm x H 1350mm

N.W/G.W                                        120KG / 150KG

Option                                             A: Extensional input/output working table

B: Truckles

C: Q304/Q201 stainless steel

D: Safety guard