Automatic carton sealer machine (1A)



Brand                                     Lunwa

Model:                                  LB – 1A

Tape Width                          48mm~72mm Adjustable

Carton Size                           L 150mm~∞;W 120mm~480mm;H 120mm~480mm

Overall Dimension             L1090mm× W890mm×H(table height plus 750 mm)

Table Height                        650mm~850mm(castor wheel)

Power Supply                      AC220V 50Hz 0.6kW

Speed                                    20m/min

Sealing Mode                      Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

Working Speed:                  30 Cartons/Per minuets

Weight:                                 200 Kg


This Machine is used to seal cartons with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape like PVC and BOPP. It is used for the carton in regular shape. Carton sealer can be customized according to customer requirements so as to meet different customer needs. The machine has been widely used in the Textile, Garments, Leather garments, Sportswear, surgical, food industry, chemical fiber, tobacco re-drying, pharmaceutical, publish, air conditioning, household appliance, ceramics, hot work, and so on.