Company Profile


We, Lunwa Biz Packaging are pioneer manufacturer of paper angles in Pakistan which has grown from humble beginnings in 2014. As a Trading company, we formed technical and capital alliances with excellent local supplier, base to serve as an intermediary between USA, Korea and China. We procure and sell a wide range of packaging machinery and materials such as Automatic Filling & Packing Line, Presswood Pallet, Label Applicator, Air Bags, Spacekraft Tote, Shrink Wrap Machine, Shrink Film, Stretch Wrap Machine, Stretch Film, Strapping Machine, PP Strapping Band, Self Adhesive Tape, Carton Taping Machine, etc. In 2020 we brought in a full production line to make paper angles and in this short time we are already one of the leading players in this field providing the highest quality paper angles. We, specialize in manufacturing of paper packaging material, tailor made to suit our customers’ individual needs. We at Lunwa Biz Packaging are committed to quality and make it an integral part of our production line with quality control inspectors who regularly review production process so as to meet individual customers’ needs. Lunwa Biz Packaging is an environmentally friendly manufacturer of paper angles. Our solid paper waste is sold to a local paper mill who converts it into re-cycled paper. As per market trends, we continually expand our line of products offered. The company also looks into new opportunities to venture into. We realized that ours is a good name and we shall continue to provide quality and service that is beyond customer’s expectation and satisfaction.