CEO Message

Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum

(Founder & CEO)

Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum younger son of Mr. Sheikh Khajoo Bhai has top management experience in finance, marketing, manufacturing industry and government relations. His special interests include marketing, finance, total quality management and re-engineering. Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum as director of the Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & company, having more than 25 years of experience in commercial trading and manufacturing business. He has vast knowledge and exposure of the local and international market in the area of packaging and industrial automation. He played an instrumental role in the development and growth of the company. Being a part of the management Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum introduce lots of advance and modern ideas to grow up the establishment. Using the R & D (research and development) as a tool of success Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum added innovative equipment and packaging materials which helped the establishment become a leading importer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of packaging machinery and industrial packaging products.

SHEIKH KHAJOO BHAI (Father of the Group)

Mr. Sheikh Khajoo Bhai was the leading importer, manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Packaging Products which is recognized for significant features like dimensional accuracy, strength and eco-friendliness. These cater to the needs of various industries i.e. textiles, large food chains, garments, pharmaceutical, oil, hosiery, sports, logistics, airline and leather garments. He established his business in 1952 with limited business capital, he had very good repute and strong business relation in his own business community.